PARVUS Reverse

PARVUS Reverse is our total aesthetic solution designed to have little down time and be virtually painless. It fights aging, reversing time itself, leaving you with a natural look that is not only vibrant but youthful, too.

The winning combination treatment helps reshape your face while it revitalises the skin for a lasting impression no matter the age.

Our combination aesthetic treament involves 3 key treatments that help to lift, shape and tighten. All of which are part of what we believe - The beauty of a well-planned, effective total solution designed to enhance your wellbeing.

PARVUS Reverse tightens  

Using a neuromodulator that has had other applications spanning 20 years, will reduce wrinkles virtually anywhere on your face. It can change the contours of your face, life and even remodel the structure of your skin.

The neuromodulator works by relaxing the targetted muscles, smoothening out dynamic wrinkles. Square jaw lines can be reshaped to give a more oval look. Or angry looking eyebrows can be raised to give a friendlier look.

Best of all, this treatment is non-surgical, that means no visible scars or lengthy downtime. Leaving you with a natural and youthful look.

PARVUS Reverse shapes  

One painless injection can change the way you look. Our next method uses a form of gel that is of non-animal origin.

It creates volume and fills in the areas of the face that you need the most help with. The painlessness doesn't come from the injection; rather, it comes from a numbing agent, giving you the peace of mind in the form of a pain free experience.

This particular filler is essential for remodeling and reshaping your face. One of its greater benefits is that it is biocompatible and bioresorbable. That means it is digested by the skin, becoming harmless water and carbon dioxide. Another of its unique properties is that it can also regenerate, correct and enhance facial features. Giving you the beauty and flexibility to change your look as you see fit.

PARVUS Reverse lifts  

An innovative reconstructive tool in aesthetic surgery, this procedure uses an entirely absorbable bio-engineered sutures and knots. It produces a natural lifting effect after a quick 30-minute minor procedure without the need for visible incisions. All that is required is a small entry point and local anaesthetic.

The effect can last as long as 18 months and help restore lost collagen through the process of re-absorption. This is the regenerative effect of the treatment that naturally stimulates the body, resulting in a lifted, firmer and tighter skin thanks to the added collagen. Restoring shapeliness, through the threads which creates a sharper, youthful look.

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